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Salam Kisan is a tech-enabled end-to-end agriculture platform powered by artificial intelligence and data to increase productivity and profitability for farmers. In less than a year of operations. Salam Kisan has amassed over farmers, making us one of the fastest-growing full-stack startups in the ag-tech space. The fourth agriculture revolution is here, and Salam Kisan is a key enabler.

Our Mission



Driving rural communities towards resilience and sustainability.



Transcending agriculture by bridging the fragmented agriculture value chain with data-driven insights, artificial intelligence, and end-to-end products and services.

Core Values


Our very existence comes from the strong belief of equipping rural communities with knowledge, tools, and access to enhance their economic and social growth. We can affirm that this is a value we hold inside out and our organization culture is based on empowerment of all.

Social Impact & Farmer First

Success at Salam Kisan isn't just about finances; it's about creating a positive social impact. We measure our achievements by the lives we touch in our communities. Every initiative is guided by putting farmers first, ensuring their prosperity and well-being.


Fostering a culture of continuous innovation, we embrace data-driven solutions to revolutionize agriculture for the benefit of all stakeholders. Our commitment is to bring fresh ideas to life.


Founder's Story

Dhanashree Mandhani

Dhanashree Mandhani, the driving force behind Salam Kisan, began her entrepreneurial journey at 19, while pursuing a degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Finance and Marketing. Dhanashree’s keen interest in entrepreneurship and business with familial roots in agriculture enabled her to notice the stark difference between the agriculture landscape of India and other countries while she was in college. Knowing she had the opportunity to use her resources and knowledge to change the face of India’s agriculture landscape, Dhanashree set out to establish Prym Solutions in 2021. In less than a year, under her leadership, Salam Kisan has become one of the most disruptive business school ventures and is among the top 5 agriculture technology companies in the country. Today, at 22, Dhanashree is heading Prym Solutions and Prym Aerospace to follow through on her commitment to rural communities, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Dhanashree's story is a testament to youth, innovation, and a strategic mindset shaping sustainable growth in Indian agriculture.

Customer Testimonials

Step into the world of Salam Kisan through the voices of our farmers. Hear their stories of transformation and success, as they share firsthand experiences of how Salam Kisan's innovative solutions have revolutionized their approach to agriculture and enriched their lives. Explore the testimonials that speak volumes about the impact we are making in the farming community.

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