Capacity Building Program

10 August 2023KSK College of Agriculture, Bheed

Salam Kisan's Capacity Building Program recently empowered rural youth in Beed at KSK College of Agriculture. Skill development initiatives were conducted, fostering resilience and knowledge for a thriving future in agriculture.

About the event

Salam Kisan's commitment to empowering rural youth unfolded at the KSK College of Agriculture in Beed on August 10, 2023. The Capacity Building Program, a unique initiative, aimed at equipping young minds with essential skills for the agricultural landscape. The program commenced with a mass examination of 100 students, evaluating their knowledge and aptitude. Those who excelled in the exam proceeded to the next phase, a comprehensive interview process at Salam Kisan. This meticulous selection process ensures that only the most qualified individuals become a part of Salam Kisan's workforce. The KSK College of Agriculture, with its rich academic environment, provided an ideal setting for this transformative event. Salam Kisan's representatives engaged with students, sharing insights into the future of agriculture and the critical role they could play. The event's outcomes were significant, with 10 students successfully securing positions at Salam Kisan. This achievement reflects the program's success in identifying and nurturing talent within rural communities. The selected individuals not only contribute to the growth of Salam Kisan but also represent the future leaders driving agricultural resilience in Beed.


Exam Phase: 100 students participated in a rigorous examination.
Interview Process: Successful candidates underwent a thorough interview at Salam Kisan.
Hiring: 10 talented individuals secured positions within Salam Kisan.
Knowledge Transfer: Salam Kisan's representatives shared valuable insights with students.
Community Impact: The program significantly contributed to the development of rural communities.
Skill Development: Equipped young minds with essential skills for a thriving future in agriculture.

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