Kisan Biz, Mumbai

11-12 September 2023CIDCO Exhibition & Convention Center Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

KISAN Biz - Agri-Business Show brings together the interdependent sectors of Agriculture. Growers, Technology providers, the Service sector, and Policymakers in the Government meet here to find synergies and interdisciplinary solutions. The main focus is to explore new business opportunities. It offers a platform for a range of advances & innovations in the Agriculture sector to suit the needs of the Indian Market. It's an opportunity for FPOs to connect with new partners.

About the event

The participation of Salam Kisan in the Kisan biz, Mumbai event has played a pivotal role in fortifying the organization's commitment to key aspects within the agricultural domain. The event, characterized by strategic engagements and insightful contributions from Kisan biz, has served as a valuable platform for Salam Kisan to showcase its dedication to innovation and foster strategic partnerships. This participation has facilitated significant B2B interactions, fostering collaborations with farmer-producing companies and other stakeholders. The event has proven instrumental in reinforcing Salam Kisan's position as a key player in the agricultural sector, enhancing its networking capabilities and paving the way for future collaborations that align with the organization's objectives. This strategic engagement underscores Salam Kisan's proactive approach to industry participation and its commitment to cultivating enduring partnerships for sustained growth and positive impact in the agricultural landscape.


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