World Economic Forum,2024

15-19 Jan, 2024Davos, Switzerland

Dhanashree Mandhani, Founder and CEO of Prym Solutions, actively participated in the 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The event, themed "Rebuilding Trust," addressed global challenges and explored solutions in security, economic growth, artificial intelligence, and climate sustainability.

About the event

Dhanashree Mandhani, Founder and CEO of Prym Solutions, attended the 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Davos. The event is centered around the theme "Rebuilding Trust," aimed to address the profound transformations in the world—from geoeconomics to climate change and artificial intelligence. The four interconnected thematic priorities of the event were: 1. Achieving Security and Cooperation in a Fractured World: Discussions delved into effective responses to security crises, particularly in regions like the Middle East, while fostering cooperation among stakeholders for mutual benefit. 2. Creating Growth and Jobs for a New Era: Leaders from government, business, and civil society explored collaborative strategies to formulate a new economic framework, ensuring sustained growth and job creation. 3. Artificial Intelligence as a Driving Force for the Economy and Society: Dhanashree actively contributed to discussions on leveraging AI for societal benefits, addressing regulatory challenges, and exploring the intersections of AI with other transformative technologies. 4. A Long-Term Strategy for Climate, Nature, and Energy: Sessions focused on developing a systemic approach to achieve carbon-neutral and nature-positive goals by 2050, balancing trade-offs for social consensus. Dhanashree's participation extended beyond panel discussions to include involvement in the Female Quotient Equality Lounge. Engaging with leaders such as Deloitte CEO, LinkedIn COO, and Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, she attended the discussions at Bloomberg House, Salesforce CEO sessions, and the Women’s


Global Collaboration: Facilitated discussions on global cooperation and security, fostering a sense of shared responsibility.
Economic Framework Redefined: Contributed to formulating a new economic framework prioritizing sustainable growth and job creation.
AI Advancements: Showcased advancements and challenges in leveraging AI for societal benefits and navigating regulatory landscapes.
Climate Sustainability: Explored long-term strategies for achieving carbon-neutral and nature-positive goals, seeking social consensus.
Gender Inclusivity Advocacy: Actively participated in the Female Quotient Equality Lounge, advocating for gender inclusivity and women's leadership.
Stakeholder Engagement: Engaged with industry leaders, policymakers, and experts, fostering collaborations for future initiatives.

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