Salam Kisan launches launch drone-based spraying service in collaboration with FPOs


With an aim to equip farmers with effective tech-enabled solutions, Salam Kisan, a data-driven end-to-end agriculture platform that helps increase productivity and profitability for farmers, introduced drone-based spraying service through FPOs on a rental basis for farmers in the Chandrapur district, Maharashtra. With this initiative, Salam Kisan aims to equip farmers with cutting-edge technology that enhances their agricultural practices, promotes sustainable resource usage, and contributes to their economic well-being.

Under this initiative, Salam Kisan has collaborated with farmer producer organisations (FPO) to make drone spraying services easily accessible and affordable to a broader spectrum of farmers. By making drones an efficient and doorstep solution, the company intends to equip farmers with cutting-edge spraying capabilities for seamless pest management and precise use of agrochemicals. It also reduces water wastage by 85 – 90 per cent and product usage by 20-30 per cent, making strides toward sustainable agriculture, Salam Kisan said.

“At the same time, FPOs will receive an assured incentive on each spraying order (acreage-wise). While reducing input costs for farmers, improving operational efficiency, and conserving valuable resources, this strategic initiative intends to provide FPOs with financial benefits and upliftment,” the company said.

Dhanashree Mandhani, Founder & CEO, Salam Kisan, said, “At Salam Kisan, we’re committed to empowering rural communities toward resilience and sustainability, and collaborations between public and private entities will be pivotal in implementing change at the grassroots level. Launching drone-based spraying service in collaboration with FPOs is a testament to our commitment to this vision.”

“Usually, traditional pump spraying uses 100 – 120 litres of water per acre, and drone spraying uses 10 litres per acre. Traditional spraying is time-consuming and requires manual labour, while drone spraying takes seven minutes. By making drone service accessible to farmers, we are helping reduce input costs, increase efficiency, and ensure farmers’ safety. At the core, we intend to benefit farmers, our agricultural ecosystem, and FPOs,” said, Akshay Khobragade, COO, Salam Kisan.

“A pivotal event highlight was the recognition of Raj Sidam and Amol Kohare, the first tribal drone pilots, for their exceptional contributions to the agricultural sector. Salam Kisan’s visionary approach extends to strategic collaborations with women-led and tribal-led FPOs. These partnerships empower women-led FPOs with the necessary knowledge, tools, and resources to flourish within the agricultural ecosystem. By nurturing skill development, facilitating market access, and promoting value chain integration, Salam Kisan creates an enabling environment for these FPOs to excel and make significant contributions to the agricultural sector,” the company informed.

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