Sowing Seeds of Change: Salam Kisan’s Visionary Skilling Programs for Rural Youth


26th December 2023: In celebration of National Farmers’ Day, Salam Kisan, a leading agri-tech platform with a community of over 50,000 farmers in less than a year, announces groundbreaking skill development programs tailored for rural youth. These initiatives, designed to empower and create career opportunities for young individuals, underscore Salam Kisan’s commitment to fostering resilience and sustainability in rural communities across India.

Salam Kisan aims to redefine agriculture by not only introducing advanced farming solutions and disruptive technologies but also by creating new avenues for the youth in the agricultural landscape. The SK Capacity Building Program is set to equip rural youth with advanced capabilities, including drone piloting and hands-on agriculture skills, preparing them to be catalysts for change in local communities.

As a part of their Capacity Building Program, Salam Kisan will recruit 50 skilled drone pilots across Maharashtra

Among the innovative initiatives is targeted drone pilot training for women, resulting in Maharashtra’s first female drone pilot. The Tribal Community Drone Pilot Training Program is another pioneering effort, focusing on training youth from tribal communities, thus ensuring that the benefits of modern agriculture reach every corner of the nation for inclusive growth.

As Salam Kisan expands its operations across Maharashtra, with plans to deploy over 100 drones by March 2024, recruiting skilled talent becomes imperative. Commencing from Kisan Diwas 2023, a two-month talent search and training campaign have been launched. Salam Kisan aims to identify and train 50 exceptional drone pilots through exhibitions, social media engagement, online assessments, and immersive campus visits.

Participating in the Kisan Biz Exhibition from 13th-17th December 2023 in Pune, Salam Kisan showcased its skilling programs. An entrance exam for interested candidates is scheduled before Republic Day in two batches, evaluating the aptitude and skill sets required for drone pilot roles. Shortlisted candidates will then undergo an interview for the Drone Pilot training program.

Training workshops for selected candidates will be organized by Salam Kisan, with sessions documented to showcase program effectiveness, including testimonials from current drone pilot employees. As part of the Republic Day event on January 26th, 2024, Salam Kisan will conduct a mass recruitment drive, covered by media partners. Newly inducted drone pilots will be interviewed, highlighting the structured induction process and support ecosystem.

Looking ahead, Ms. Dhanashree Mandhani, Founder & CEO of Salam Kisan, shared, “Our expertise in smart agri-tech, combined with developing local talent, can bring meaningful transformation to rural communities. With a holistic approach, we are focusing on rural youth, pivotal players in the sustainable growth of the agriculture sector. As we launch the SK Capacity Building Program, focused drone training for women, and the Tribal Community Drone Training Program, we invite the next generation to join us in revolutionizing agriculture for a sustainable and tech-driven future.”

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